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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Preparing for Pentecost

Christ is Risen! But then what?
The story continues of course.... with more exciting details and events to engage our young listeners. Christ shows what we would call "superhuman" qualities! He appears in the upper room to the Apostles twice when the doors are sealed shut. He is seen along the road to Emmaus, but in some sort of disguise to Luke and Cleopa, until He breaks bread with them and is recognized essentially in the Eucharist (see the lesson plan here). Then forty days later the disciples with the Mother of God, stand in awe as Christ is taken up before their own very eyes into the sky with the angels at His side on His return to the Father. What could possibly come next for the followers of Christ?

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”

Click this link for the printable lesson: Pentecost Worksheet & Kneeling Prayers

Be sure to connect for your young people the Old Testament story of the Tower of Babel. They'll probably remember well that God "mixed up" the languages to stop the wicked plans of the people.
Now, in the story of Pentecost, God is doing the opposite. He sent the gift of languages, for this one time purpose, to spread the good plan of His salvation to the whole world.

*** This year, bring the kneeling prayers with you on Pentecost Sunday to follow along ***


Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing this Pentecost lesson. I have found lately that even though I am a fluent Greek speaker, I don;t get the full efffect of a lot of the prayers. When I hear them in English or read them, they click more for me. Have a great day!

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Earic Odd said...

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